44.04.01 Pedagogical education

Master degree program
A full time educational scheme

The Main Objective
Institute of Education (IKBFU) is highly dedicated to solving education greatest challenges in the rapidly changing educational environment. Through model training programs, research and partnerships with highly qualified educators, we are pursuing accessible and effective teaching for all trainees who are to become experts in intercultural communication, obtaining profound knowledge of linguistic studies, high proficiency in foreign language, ­qualitative research and teaching skills. The program is designed for individuals who are interested in furthering their competence and adaptability to meet growing demands of the modern society in the sphere of education, developing professional knowledge and expertise, embedding research skills to take forward into a range of rewarding careers in secondary and higher educational sectors.
Program Overview
Subjects and disciplines:

· foreign language (English) practice including analytical reading skills development and communicative oral skills practice

· methodology of teaching foreign languages with special emphasis on effective teaching strategies and practicing diverse pedagogical approaches in specific teaching contexts in higher educational institutions

· range of disciplines focused on the development of academic educational research skills to tackle big issues in education research

· theory of the English language studies

· well-supported classroom field placements under the guidance of expert cooperating teachers in local higher educational establishments. Students participate in International academic mobility program that allows them to be involved and study educational process in the EU universities from local, global, international and comparative perspectives

· the program is delivered in Russian and/or in English

Course duration: 2 year(s) full-time Degree: Master (Master of Arts in Education)
Budget-funded/contract terms of study: Yes
Budget-funded vacancies: Available
Credits : 120
  • Lectures, seminars and similar
  • Practical workshops in groups
  • Independent studies
· Placements (if relevant)

Innovations in Education

Methods in Educational Research Conducting

College and University Teaching

English Language Enhancement Course

Modern Techniques in FLT

General Linguistics and the History of Linguistics

Principles and Practices of FLT Methodologies

Digital Learning Environment in Language Teaching

Language Enhancement

TEFL Professional Terminology

English Language Theory

Innovation Project Management

Teaching Young Learners

Pedagogical Internship

Scientific Research Internship

Master Research Work Internship

Master Degree Dissertation Preparation

Master Degree Dissertation Defence
Career Perspectives

The successful completion of the program leads to careers in research, teaching, school leadership, educational and social policy, teaching English as an additional language, and many other fields.

In pursuing this pathway our graduate students:

  • are employed teaching English and other foreign languages at primary, secondary and higher local educational establishments
  • work as trainers at profile language schools and educational centers
  • fulfill administrative positions in deferent educational institutions
  • carry out scientific research work applying for doctoral degree program
Контактные данные:

+ 7 4012 595 595 (доб. 2008)

e-mail: limkbfu@gmail.com

· secondary schools, high schools, gymnasiums, lyceums of Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region;

· international and national teachers' associations (IATEFL, TESOL, NATE, KATE );

· EU universities : Rzeszow University (Poland), Kiel University (Germany), Greifswald University (Germany), Flensburg University (Germany), Uppsala University (Sweden)