Full time programme

45.04.01 PHILOLOGY

Master Program "Social and cultural project development in Philology"

Full-time course

Study program objective

  • To train specialists for research, applied, project and organizational and managerial activities in the field of socio-cultural design in philology based on a combination of fundamental academic knowledge, innovative teaching and information technologies

About the programme

What does it study?
  • Literary tourism (literary museum studies, literary routes, reference books)
  • Regional text, its myth and poetics, myth and aesthetics
  • Multi-media and network technologies
  • Information aggregation methods (processing and systematization)
Education activities
Practical and theoretical classes are given in

A variety of internships are available from the partnership with regional educational and cultural institutions, travel agencies

  • studying modern technologies of project implementation in the field of promoting language, literature and culture;
  • mastering the management skills in the field of cultural and educational projects and their information support;
  • developing skills of communicative behavior in different socio-cultural situations;
  • developing research experience and methodology for the dissertation research;
  • gaining knowledge of modern technologies of digital processing and information systematization
Duration of the programme: 2 years
Programme type: full-time
Degree: MasterState-funded/tuition paying
Number of ECTS: 120
Professional standards
  • Teacher (pedagogical activity in pre-school, primary, comprehensive secondary education) (teacher, instructor)
  • Teacher of additional education for children and adults
  • Teacher of vocational training, vocational education and additional vocational education
  • Culture, Art: Tour Guide
  • Mass media and printing: TV broadcasting media specialist, TV program presenter, Media editor, Media correspondent
1 year
History of regional literature
Functional stylistics
Topical problems of modern literary criticism
Baltic region in historical sources and fiction
Kaliningrad region writers
Toponimics in modern regional culture культуре
Research methodology
Philology in intercultural communication
Major trends in modern linguistics
Literary translation
Inter-discourse aspects of modern literature
Myth and symbol in literature and art
Literary and tourist routes of Russian cultural centers
International literary routes
Infographics in Humanities

2 year
Functional stylistics
Literary guide methodology
Literary museum studies
Modern discourse studies
Linguistic comparative research
Literary translation
Infographics in Humanities

Carrier and opportunities
Our graduates work in:

  • Administrative cultural, tourism and social institutions;
  • Cultural institutions (museums, galleries, libraries, etc.);
  • Tourist institutions (travel agencies, bureaus);
  • Education institutions
Programme type

Admission requirements:

University Degree (Bachelor or Specialist)

Entrance examinations: Foreign language, comprehensive examination in the study program


Personal achievements

Program coordinator
Dr Anzhelika VASKINEVICH (AVaskinevich@kantiana.ru)
+ 7 4012 595 595 (ext. 3002)
Programme coordinator:

Scientific director: Professor Svetlana VAULINA (SVaulina@kantiana.ru)

Programme coordinator: Dr Anzhelika VASKINEVICH (AVaskinevich@kantiana.ru)
+ 7 4012 595 595 (ext. 3002)