Full time programme

45.04.01 PHILOLOGY

Master's study programme 'Polish for professional purposes'

Programme aims

To train highly qualified and competitive specialists in Polish language in order to ensure the regional and the international markets of services in the field of intercultural communication, education, business communication and management of cross-border cooperation

About the programme

Students study:

  • Interpreting and translation, basics of international diplomacy and management of cross-border cooperation;
  • Modern (multimedia) technologies in the Polish language teaching;
  • Comparative-typological connections.
    Programme curricula
    • Practical and theoretical training on

      1. studying the methods of effective intercultural communication and translation of various types of text;
      2. improving skills of communicative behavior in various socio-cultural situations; mastering skills of management in the field of educational projects;
      3. organizing of research experience and preparation of the methodology of your Master's thesis research;
      4. gaining knowledge about modern technologies of digital processing and structuring of information
      5. Various types of practices are implemented in collaboration with leading foreign organizations and laboratories. Students have an opportunity to attend internship programmes at European universities.
    Programme Description
    Duration of the Programme: 2 years
    Type of the Programme: full-time
    Degree awarded upon completion: Master's
    State-funded/fee-paying study: yes
    State-funded study places: available
    ECTS credits: 120
    Year 1
    Philology in the system of modern Humanities
    Theory and practice of text analysis in philology
    Practical aspects of the Russian language stylistics
    Polish for business communication
    Business English
    Linguistic aspects of cross-cultural communication
    Methodology and methods of the research
    Poland at the turn of XX – XXI centuries
    Polish literature in the context of cross-cultural communication
    Research seminar

    Year 2
    Culture of Polish speech
    Polish for business communication
    Business English
    Psycholinguistic and pedagogical aspects of teaching non-native language in secondary school and in high school
    Translation and interpreting practice
    Multimedia technologies in foreign language
    Communication practice in Polish
    Management of educational and translation/interpreting services
    Management of the cross-border cooperation
    Basic competencies of a professional translator/interpreter
    Semiosphere of Slavic culture
    Infographics in the Humanities research

    Career opportunities
    Graduates of the study programme 'Polish for professional purposes' have a wide range of opportunities for building a successful career and they also can work as:

    • teacher of Polish language at secondary schools and at higher education institutions;
    • translator/interpreter at managing international, commercial, legal, public and cultural organizations;
    • expert (consultant) on Russia-Poland collaboration issues including job places at embassies and consulates of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland;
    • research methodologist;
    • researcher in the field of Russia-Poland collaboration in Humanities (language, literature and culture) at research centers and institutions.

      Study mode

      Requirements for applicants
      Basic requirements:

      Higher education degree
      (bachelor or specialist)

      Entrance examination: foreign language, complex exam on Master's study topic

      Additional requirements:

      Personal accomplishments

      Contact person
      Programme manager
      Programme coordinator: Professor Tatiana SHKAPENKO (TSHkapenko@kantiana.ru)
      + 7 4012 595 595 (ext. 3002)

      Scientific director: Professor Tatiana SHKAPENKO (TSHkapenko@kantiana.ru)

      Programme coordinator: Professor Tatiana SHKAPENKO (TSHkapenko@kantiana.ru)
      + 7 4012 595 595 (ext. 3002)
      Partnership programmes
      The Polish universities, which signed a cooperation agreement with the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University concerning student exchange programme, enterprises, schools, institutions and other organizations of the Kaliningrad Region