40.04.01 «Jurisprudence»

Master Program
"Russian and Eurasian Legal Studies" (REAL Studies)
The aim of the Programme
The training of competitive specialists in demand in Russia and abroad, whose future professional activities are carried out at the junction of Russian national law, international law and integration law of the EAEU and the EU. The program is designed for training the specialists employed in private and public organizations, including government bodies, international organizations, educational institutions.

Advantages of the Program
Students acquire the basic professional competencies in the field of key branches of Russian law, EU and EAEU integration law, as well as international public law, and gain skills in applying these legal systems, as well as their interpretation. In addition, students receive wide opportunities to participate in international programs of the IKBFU (scientific internships in international organizations, international justice bodies, foreign universities and scientific institutions).
Special features of the Programme
  • validating and making decisions within the scope of employment, also commission of actions related with the realization of legal norm;
  • legal assistance, legal advice;
  • legal expertise of regulatory legal acts.
The Kaliningrad regional Duma; The Government of the Kaliningrad Region, local authorities, including the administration of the city district "City of Kaliningrad"; Lawyer Chamber of the Kaliningrad Region; Department of Justice of the Ministry of Justice of the Kaliningrad Region, international companies and organizations, etc.
Duration of the Program: 2 years.
Degree: master
State-financed openings: no
ECTS program value: 120 ECTS
Language: English
Curriculum of the Master programme
First year
Philosophy of Law
Introduction to Russian Legal History
History and Methodology of juridical science
History of Political and Legal Thought
Comparative Legal Studies
Current Issues of Public International Law
The Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation
Introduction to the Russian Procedural and Substantive Criminal Law
Theory of Public International Law
The Integration Law of EU and EAEU
Introduction to the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Bodies of the Russian Federation
International Justice
Legal Writing (additional course)
Second year
Introduction to the Russian Private Law
Global and Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection
Legal and Political Dimension of the Creation of a Comprehensive Greater Eurasian Space
EAEU and EU Economic Law (The Internal Market Law)
Legal Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity in Russian Federation
Effective Negotiations (additional course)
Career Opportunities
Graduates of the master program will be able to realize their skills in various fields of activity:
• in state and municipal authorities;
• in local government bodies;
• in state and municipal institutions;
• in international companies and organizations.
Programme type
Entrance Requirements
Higher education ( Bachelor's or specialist's programme)
Passing entrance tests: a foreign language, a comprehensive exam for the selected master's programme
Fluency in English

Individual achievements
Programme manager
Chair on International and European Law
Prof. Dr. Vadim Voynikov
Government of the Kaliningrad Region
Kaliningrad Regional Duma
Administration of the city district "City of Kaliningrad"
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kaliningrad Region, etc.
Director of the Law Institute of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Oleg Zayachkovskiy
Tel. 595-595 plus. 1001