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Full time Master Program
"Innovation Systems and Technologies of Business Development"

This is a full time International Entrepreneurial Master Program for students of different specializations. It is a core of the educational platform KrausLab www.krauslab.ru and was launched by European Business School, I. Kant BFU in 2014 and is conducted in English and in Russian.
Our focus is on developing a professional able of creating own company, managing projects and divisions within existing companies and competitive in the global market

    Booster features of the Program
    The Tripartite Program Bridge within the Master Program is fruit of collaboration with Wenzao University in Taiwan and ESTICE Business school in Lille, France.
    Practice –oriented
    The Program is focused on developing practical skills and competences in entrepreneurship and management. We partner with business companies and the Fund of Entrepreneurial Support in Kaliningrad.
    This is a hybrid study program. It brings together students of different specializations and comprises online and offline studies. We have designed 2 different syllabi: Bridge and KrausLab.
    Methodology of studies
    Flipped up classes
    Case – studies
    Master classes
    Learning Sets
    Big Deals/ Practical Deals
    Individual Education Track
    Program Details
    Duration of the Program - 2 years
    Type of the Program – Full time
    Degree awarded upon completion – Master's
    Tuition Fee – 130 000 rubles per year
    Availability of state –funded study places – no
    ECTS -120
    1 year
    Business English
    Business Models and Strategic management
    Design Thinking
    Personal Self-Development
    Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    Project Management
    Research Methods in Management
    Organizational Architecture
    2 year
    Financial Management
    Knowledge Management
    Innovation Management
    Management and Marketing
    Cross cultural Management
    Social Communications
    Organizational Behavior
    Career opportunities
    Upon completing the Program, you will have a competitive edge when looking for roles of a company creator, a job producer, a project manager, a diversity manager, a change agent or a global market player.
      How to apply
      Type of the Program: Full time
      Requirements to Applicants
      Basic Requirements: Possession of Bachelor's or Specialist degree

      Successful completion of the admission computer tests in a foreign language and a chosen field of study – management

      Additional Requirements: Evidence of personal achievement
      Director of the Institute of Economics and Management
      Dr. Varvara Altunina
      Curator of the Master Program Dr. Olga Kovbasyuk
      Tel. 59 55 19
      e-mail: ebs_k@rambler.ru, OVKovbasiuk@kantiana.ru